vineri, 25 iunie 2010

Free Shrek Outfit

Here's Shrek again. How to get his outfit? Just follow steps.
If you are from UK, you won't have to use proxy.
1. Go to UK proxy, such as

2. Type in box:

3. Log in Stardoll

4. Exit the proxy and go to your suite (gifts should be there)

Free father's day flower

1. Go on the UK proxy such a or
2. Write in the box:
3. Click Go
4. Log in stardoll
5. Exit the proxy
6. Log in stardoll like usually and flower should be in your suite

Free BNTM Dress Week 1

If you`re not Ufrom the UK

1. Use proxy: or
2. Type in:
3. Click enter
4. login and watch BNTM video.

Log out and go to your suite.

Free Shrek Gift

This is for UK Members only so you must use a proxy.

Use: or

For the Free Lollipop:

For the Free Metal Swinging Skull:                                                                          Login, you can only choose one!

Heres a link if you want to get all the clothes in starplaza too.
Get Shrek Clothes

Free Hair Flowers

If anyone knows a Sweden or Finland Web Proxy we can get The Hair Flowers for FREE on stardoll by joining this contest.